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2024 Price List

Zumba & Zumba Gold


£3 per class


Attend more than one class in the same week: -

Two classes £5

Three classes £7.50

Four classes £10



Special Deal:-


Pay £25 for 12 classes

(works out at £2.08 a class)

It is not a block booking, you can attend classes anytime, at any venue


Children under 13 years old - £1.50 each

They MUST be accompanied by an adult.





Fitball/Tabata/Legs, Bums & Tums


£2.00 per class



Pay £1.50 for the Fitness class if you attend Zumba as well


Special Deal:-

£25 for 24 classes

(works out at £1.04 a class)

This is not a block booking, use anytime





Pay £25 and get classes at the cheapest prices (Zumba £2.08 and Fitness £1.04). It's not a block booking, use anytime, use until your money runs out.

Mothers & Daughters (under 18) can share a pass.




Tel Wendy on 07752 058505

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zumbafitnesswithwendyf

Zumba Website: wendyf.zumba.com



E-mail: wjfitness@outlook.com

Licensed to teach Zumba Fitness basic

Licensed to teach Zumba Gold

A member of ZIN

Qualified in Level 2 Exercise To Music

Qualified in Level 3 Nutrition for Sports and Exercise


Certified to teach Fitball

Qualified in Level 3 Diploma for Fitness Instructing & Personal Training

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